Moving Out Special

If you’re moving to a new location, consider our deep cleaning service as part of your relocation plans. When you vacate an apartment or home, cleaning or not cleaning it can determine whether your security deposit is returned and how much the future home owner is willing to spend on your home. In North Carolina, this could mean a few thousand dollars. Our residential cleaning rates are competitive, and a clean living space left behind means a good recommendation from your landlord and home sales agent.

Sister House Cleaning specializes in move out house cleaning and maid services. Detailed move out cleaning services includes everything in a routine house cleaning and then more. Perfect for making you’re old home clean, sanitized and sparkling like brand new, just the way you want it to position it the best on the market. Providing high quality cleaning services and superior customer service. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Do your pets make themselves comfy on your furniture, leaving fur behind for impromptu guests to take home on their clothing? Consider our deep cleaning service, which includes vacuuming chairs – just what you need for removing pet hair from your fabric seating. As an additional service, we also offer upholstery and couch cleanings along with drapery, mattress, and furniture cleaning.

Let The Sisters Worry About Your Move Out Cleaning

You work hard during the week and weekends are your time to let loose, relax and enjoy yourself...and take care of the laundry, grocery shopping and the cleaning. If that sounds like an overwhelming weekend you’re not alone! Like you, many apartment dwellers and home owners lead busy lifestyles. And you like it that way! There are only so many hours in the day and you want to do it all.

Here’s where Sister House Cleaning can help! With an apartment and home cleaning service you can have the flexibility you need to live the lifestyle you want. Rather than spending your Saturday dusting and vacuuming you can be out shopping, going to a museum or just spending time with your kids. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that the quality of cleaning is guaranteed. When you come home from your Saturday of adventures you’ll find a clean and healthy environment awaiting you.

Let an apartment and home cleaning service take care of the dirty work so you can take advantage of your hard-earned time off and spend more time at the new apartment or home.

Cleaning For Living Areas, Bathrooms, Kitchen & Bedrooms

Carpets vacuumed and edged - Base boards dusted - Vacuum, mop and dry hard floor surfaces - Stairs vacuumed - Flat areas damp cloth dusted - Mop and dry wood floors - Hand wash and dry marble - Tidy room appearance - Dust furniture and knickknacks - Remove cobwebs - General dusting - Walls and bathtubs cleaned and disinfected - Shower and shower doors cleaned and disinfected - Carpets vacuumed and edged

A clean North Carolina apartment and home is a healthy one. With your busy North Carolina lifestyle, leave cleaning your apartment or home to the cleaning experts. Sister House Cleaning.