Post-Remodeling House Cleaning

One of the best things you get to do as a home owner is have the ability to remodel and redesign the ares of your home that you spend the most time in. From remodeling your kitchen, to a bathroom makeover to finishing your basement.interior-design-437204_1280

The only problem with remodeling your home though is that afterwards it seems as though your entire home is cover in dust, your carpet took a beating and your walls most likely took a few hits too.

Remodel Your Home And Then Hire Us To Clean

Now we are not saying don't remodel your home, no it is important to keep your home fresh and reflecting your personality. What we are saying though is after your home has met your new standards and your home remodel is done, that you call us to bring the clean back into your home.

Specialized Post-Remodel House Cleaning Services

Most contractor and home remodelers have a cleaning company they contract to come into the homes they work on as a general process but sometimes they don't and it is up to you to bring your home back into order.

room-416050_1280Once the project is finished and your new kitchen, bedroom or basement is ready to be used, you may still find yourself left with more mess than you thought could be possible. This is where Sisters House Cleaning specializes in cleaning and saving you time and money.

Even though remodeling a residential home might not seem like a task you would need to hire a cleaning company, and even if your contractors are saints, the process of remodeling your home is still going to create a lot of dust, debris and other minor implications.

Hiring A Professional Cleaner For Post-Remodel

Professional post-construction cleaning is often the most effective way to truly eliminate many of the left-behinds from your renovation project.architecture-563614_1280

Instead of trying to do everything on your own we have designed a cleaning process that eliminates all the dust build up in your home, we will remove the stains from your carpets and do our best to fix the knacks in the walls from moving furniture around or other large items that may have hit the walls a couple times.